For any Smoking Control Program to work, it must accomplish three (3) basic things:
1-  It must address and attack any drug habit you may have!
      Like it or not, nicotine is addictive.  You may have an addiction  
      to it.
2 It must address and attack any behavioral habit you may have.  
       Most smoking control habits (patch, Gum, etc) tend to minimize 
       or ignore the behavioral portion of your habit.
3-  It must effectively prepare you to deal with the Abstinence 
       Violation Effect (AVE) so that you can deal with that sudden
      urge to smoke that is likely to hit you after you have "quit" 
      for a while.
By themselves, none of the currently available "Other" programs can address all Three (3) of these requirements.  Only DR. Z's 

POKE Before you Smoke 

(PBYS) does, and it does so without additional drugs.  To find out more, click on the appropriate button below: