Are you a Smoker?
of being forced out into:
              the hot and sticky--
              or the snow and cold --                                                  or the wet and nasty---
Just to light up and smoke?
of the glares you receive from non-smokers-- 
or worse, the nasty looks and remarks 
from  holier than thou quitters?
       of the increasing price of a pack of cigarettes ?                
of worrying about what smoking is doing to your 
vital organs-- or those of your loved ones?
     There is something you can do about it.
                       You can teach yourself  NOT TO SMOKE.  

Sounds silly perhaps, but the fact is you originally taught yourself to smoke.  If you remember, it wasn't easy-- you had to learn to suppress coughing, and in some cases vomiting-- that is if you are honest about remembering what it was like when you first started to smoke. 
If you are serious about wanting to teach yourseld how NOT TO SMOKE, then proceed to Dr. Z's POKE BEFORE YOU SMOKE (PBYS) Technique.  If you are not yet serious and just thinking about it, well-- come back and see me when you are serious.  The brute fact is that Dr. Z's PBYS can only help you help yourself.  It cannot do it for you.  If you want to learn, this is the place.  If not, well, Good luck and I'll see you later. 
For those of you who want to learn "NOT TO SMOKE, Click on the PBYS Logo below.  For the rest of you, thanks for looking and I hope you will come back when you are serious about teaching yourself to control your smoking habit.  TTFN and Keep the Faith
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